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Latest God Eater Weapons Have Desert Theme

Namco Bandai teams up with Famitsu, Dengeki and Gemaga to create some special download content.


Forget about eating gods! You're going to want to eat these sweet God Eater Burst weapons!

From top to bottom, that's GE Chocolate, GE Short Cake and GE Candy. Here they are in action:

These weapons are included in God Eater Burst's fourth free download pack, which hits today.

The weapons included in this pack were designed as part of a collaboration between Namco Bandai and three gaming publications. Dengeki PlayStation's readers designed the above cake themed weapons.

Famitsu's readers were responsible for, shown below, Valkyrie, Athena and Ares (from top to bottom):

Gemaga's readers made these three:

The download pack also includes two extra challenge missions which require that you be at 75% or above in the game in order to obtain. Have a look below.

More God Eater Burst DLC is on the way in the coming months, including new Aragami beasts.

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