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New Tales of Xillia Character

Meet Elise Lutas... and her talking teddy bear.

The Tales of Xillia cast is slowly growing.

For those keeping score at home, the next Tales of Xillia character is a girl, but she was designed by Kosuke Fujishima. It seems that there was some belief that Mutsumi Inomata would be doing all the girl designs while Fujishima did the male designs, but this is apparently not the case.

This week's Shounen Jump introduces us to Elise Lutas and her talking, and moving, teddy bear Tippo. Elise is voiced by Yuki Horinaka. Tippo is voiced by Haruna Ikezawa.

Elise, whom Jude and Milla first encounter in a small village somewhere, is a master spirit wielder. She isn't all that good with conversation, and is particularly scared of first encounters.

Tippo is always in her company. In addition to speaking human speech, Tippo also serves as Elise's weapon in battle and will bite enemies.

Jump also introduces a gameplay system this week: the partner personalized support system. When in link mode, which pairs your player controlled character with another character, you'll have access to special support skills dependent on the partner character.

Jude, for example, has Restore. When the character you're controlling is struck down by the enemy, Jude will recover your HP.

Milla's skill is Bind. She'll bind the enemy with a certain percentage success rate. If the enemy is in a dizzy state, the success rate jumps to 100%.

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