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Kaz Hirai To Head Up Sony's Consumer Products Business

The guy in charge of PlayStation takes on an even bigger role at Sony.

Hirai continues to climb up the Sony leadership ladder.

Sony will be changing its corporate structure in a move that it hopes will accelerate growth as it aims to become the world's top network entertainment and business solutions provider.

Effective April 1, Sony's business will be divided into two main groups: the Consumer Products and Services Group, and the Professional & Device Solutions Group. The former will manage all of Sony's consumer products and network services. The latter will cover components, semiconductors and business services.

Kaz Hirai will be promoted to Vice President and will head up the Consumer Products and Services Group. This means he will be in charge of all of Sony's consumer businesses. In addition to games and network services, which he currently runs, he will also be in charge of televisions, home video, home audio, digital imaging, PCs, and mobile products.

The Professional & Device Solutions Group will be headed up by Hiroshi Yoshioka, currently head of Consumer Products, Professional Solutions, and Devices. Howard Stringer will still be at the top of Sony group as CEO.

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