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PlayStation Plus Cloud Saving Hits Japan

Put your save files online for everything except Afrika and Enchant Arm.


Sony's new online save storage system is being made available to Japanese PlayStation Plus members as well. In Japan, the service is formally named "Save Data Oazukari."

As with the rest of the world, paying PlayStation Plus users who've updated their PS3 firmware to version 3.6 (the update is available today) will be able to select to upload and download their save data to and from Sony's servers directly from the XMB interface. The service will allow for total save data of 150 megabytes and a total of 1,000 data files.

This service can be used to backup save files, even those that prevent copying. However, save files that are not allowed to be copied can only be downloaded once 24 hours have passed since they were uploaded or last downloaded.

Some games are not compatible with the service. Sony has posted a list, which only includes its own Afrika and From Software's Enchant Arm. In the case of Afrika, the save file exceeds 150 megabytes. Sony did not say why Enchant Arm is not compatible.

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