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Gal Gun Gets No Pantsu Patch

Timed with the release of the game's big Otoboku 2 DLC.


Pheromone shooter Gal Gun is getting patched on the 18th. The patch fixes some bugs and adds a new short route for the under water mode download content.

But the big change is what Alchemist calls "Fix For The Camera Control Bug."

Before, the camera worked like this:

Notice the bug?

This is how the game's camera will work now:

No more low angles for you come the 18th!

And what perfect timing! The 18th will also see the game's Otoboku 2 download content. This latest 400 Microsoft Point DLC lets you dress the game's girls in the school outfits from Seiou Girl's Academy in Alchemist's upcoming PSP title Otome wa Obokusama ni Koishiteru Portable. You'll also get a ribbon that's used by the game's Kana Suoin character.

Here's the new DLC:

And here's the character off which it's based:

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