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First Look: Dunamis15

5pb. readying an original suspense adventure game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Famitsu and Famitsu.com have delivered a first look at Dunamis 15, an all new suspense adventure game from 5pb. Different from most 5pb. adventure titles, this one is muliplatform, with a release planned for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Dunamis 15 is set slightly in the future. Main character Tougo Takatsuki is leading a boring life at Ceres Academy, which is located on an isolated island called Dunamis Base. One day, he's headed for class, late because he'd overslept. He comes upon a mysterious girl in the school hallway. This is where things begin to change for Tougo.

This is not mentioned in the Famitsu.com preview, but Famitsu's preview (as summed up at this blog) says that the game is set in a world where a nuclear explosion has caused genetic mutations. All the students at Ceres Academy are clones who were created as materials for use in clone technology research. Some happening causes the students to begin to rebel.

Dunamis 15 uses a game system called "multi site system," which sees you switch off between main characters depending on where you are in the story. Time in the game will loop, so you'll end up experiencing the same story repeatedly. You'll need to follow the proper route in order to escape from this loop.

The game has five chapters, each told from the perspective of a different main character. The five characters are as follows:

Tougo Takatsuki
Voiced by Hiroki Touchi. In the highest grade at Dunamis Base. He's scheduled to graduate next year, but does not yet have a clear vision for the future.
Voice actor unknown. A male student who sneaks into the girl's dorm. He's popular amongst the female students and will interact with any girl.
Voiced by Sumi Shimamoto. An excellent student. She's humorous and is liked by male students and teachers. She has no particular worries.
Voiced by Sakura Tange. A precocious girl who wants to fall in love. It seems that she will be going after Tougo.
Voiced by Minori Chihara. A cool girl who's come as an exchange student from the main island. Due to a genetic mutation, her growth has stopped.

(Note: In the names listed above, I'm not totally sure if I wrote the proper pronounciations for Ichika and Manami.)

From left to right: Tougo, Nanami, Ichika, Manami and Chihaya.

Dunamis 15 is produced by Kazuhiro Ichikawa and Hajime Kanasugi. It features character designs by Megumi Nagahama. The game will have an opening theme from Kokomi, an end theme from Asami Imai, and a "grand ending" from Naomi Tamura.

A release is planned for Summer. Development is currently 30% complete, according to Famitsu.

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