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A Few Final Fantasy Type-0 Details

Meet Ace and Queen. Plus, the world's four magic schools.

Students at Suzaku rise up against the attacking Milites forces.

As reported in this week's Flying Get column, this week's Jump has a new look at Final Fantasy Type-0. The magazine's single page has mostly story and characters information, some of which you might have previously heard in scattered updates.

As previously detailed, the main characters in the game are students at Suzaku, the Peristylium, or magic school, in the region of Rubrum. Rebrum comes under attack from neighboring Milites, sending the students of Suzaku into action.

(For some additional background story details, see our Final Fantasy Type-0 article archive.)

The game's world has four powers who possess crystals. In addition to Rubrum and Milites, the other two powers are Anaze and Kogai. Each power has an associated Peristylium. Rebrum's is, as mentioned above, Suzaku, which wields magic. Milites' Peristylium is Byakko, wielder of science.

I'm not sure which of the remaining two Peristyliums is associated with which of Anaze or Kogai, but Jump lists the two as Souryuu, wielder of dragons, and Gebnu, wielder of knights.

Each Peristylium has an insignia, which you were able to see in the game's January trailer. I've grabbed them here.

From left to right, Genbu, Souryuu, Byakko and Suzaku.

If you watch the beginning of the trailer, shown below, you can see how the insignia are formed in accordance with the "knight," "dragon" and other themes of the schools.

Jump provides just one detail about your Suzaku Peristylium. The school is split into classes based off student ability.

Two Suzaku students introduced in the magazine:

Ace is a young student at Suzaku. He has certain childish traits about him. While he has a cool look about him, he has a passionate fighter hidden within him. Ace wields cards.
An honest and pure student at Suzaku who wields a long, slender blade. She's the leader type, and like the straightness of her sword will not allow injustice.
Queen and Ace in this screenshot released last month.

Jump provides just a couple of gameplay details. You'll be able to perform a variety of actions using button controls and the analogue pad. You'll also be able to perform combo attacks. For Queen, the magazine shows "Mythril Saber," which can strike enemies over an area.

As previously detailed, you'll be facing off against the enemy using a party of three characters. Depending on the type of enemy and the current situation, you'll need to switch off between the characters. Each character has particular skills and weapons.

Famitsu is promising a look at Final Fantasy Type-0 in this week's issue. If past Jump/Famitsu cycles are any indication, we'll be getting a far more detailed report shortly.

We'll hopefully get additional gameplay details in Famitsu this week.

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