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Final Fantasy XI, XIV Restart on Friday

Square Enix finds other ways to cut power consumption.


Like many online game operators, Square Enix took Final Fantasy XI and XIV offline following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Today, the company announced that service on the two titles, along with Play Online, will restart on March 25 (Friday) at 20:00 (Japan time).

The reason service was originally suspended was to help with energy conservation. In February, the two games and Play Online commanded 11.6% of Square Enix's total energy consumption in the Tokyo area.

Since suspending service, Square Enix has found other means of reducing over 10% of energy use. These include the full stoppage of office climate control and lighting reduction, policies that kicked off earlier today. As a result, the company will be able to restart service on the two MMORPGs.

As previously announced, April service fees for Final Fantasy XI will be waived.

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