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Buy PSP Comics Through PS3 Starting Next Week

But you'll still only be able to view them on the go.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today that starting March 30 (Wednesday), PlayStation 3 owners will be able to use their console to purchase and download comics from PlayStation Store. The comics can still only be viewed on the PSP.

Since the availability of comics on PlayStation Store starting December 10, 2009, you've had to use the PSP itself or PC's Media Go utility to make purchases and downloads. Sony says that allowing the PS3 to be used for downloads makes the experience more convenient.

As of the end of February, Sony's PSN comic service had a lineup of 338 titles (3,621 files).

To commemorate the inclusion of PS3 in the affair, Sony will be holding the "Spring Comic Start Campaign." Every week for seven weeks between March 30 and May 18, Sony will give ¥200 PlayStation Network Tickets to 3,000 people who spend ¥400 or more on comic content.

The comic buying experience on PSP.

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