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Devil Survivor 2 is 95% Complete

A few bits and pieces from the DS sequel.

This screen is from the original Devil Survivor. We'll hopefully get a first look at Devil Survivor 2 later this week.

Were you surprised when you first heard Devil Survivor 2's name earlier today and found that it was already due for summer release? It looks like the game is quite far along, as Famitsu lists it as 95% complete!

Sokuho @ Houkanko has a full report on the game, with a few additional details beyond what we covered here.

Here's some of what we missed in our first report:

The game's setting includes major cities throughout Japan rather than just the Tokyo setting of the orgiinal.

The new "Enishi System" expresses the level of friendship you have with your fellow demon users. As this favor level increases, your allies will unlock new skills and more.

In an interview, director Shinjiro Takada said all gameplay systems are being improved. The staff is working to make players feel like all areas have been improved. He also said to expect a game that can be enjoyed repeatedly.

Regarding the three characters who were introduced in our previous article, the unnamed main character, Daichi and Io (who's a girl, not a guy as I previously wrote -- sorry!), the magazine reveals that all three suddenly gain the ability to use demons. They'll use this ability to fight against the invading Septentrion creatures.

The Septentrion invasion begins on a Sunday. They'll make another attack every day. You have seven days to stop them.

Based off the wording in the magazine, it seems that a different Septentrion creature will attack on each day of the week. The magzine introduces the Thursday attacker, who's named Alioth.

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