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Create Your Own Quests in Persona 2 PSP

The feature list keeps on growing for the PSP remake.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin's Climax Theater mode.

We first heard about Persona 2 Innocent Sin's new "Climax Theater" quest mode a couple of months back. It turns out that there's more to this mode than just preset quests.

As detailed in this week in Famitsu (via Sokuho @ Houkanko), the game includes a user quest creation component. After unlocking this capability, you'll be able to design your own quests, setting a map, reward items, characters and even dialogue.

It's unclear at present if you'll be able to actually distribute your quest creations to other players online. However, the game does have the infrastructure in place for downloadable quests. Famitsu reveals that it will be teaming up with Atlus to create a special Famitsu quest, which will be made available through PSN.

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