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First Look: Devil Survivor 2

Check out the cast, and what's attacking them.


Famitsu.com has provided a first look at Devil Survivor 2, showcasing many of the screens that appear in this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu.

You'll find all the details on the game in our Devil Survivor 2 content page. Here's some of the artwork from Famitsu.com.

First, the main cast, from left to right the main character, his classmate Daichi, and his childhood buddy Io.

And here's one example of what's attacking them, Alioth. Alioth is one of the invading Septentrion creatures. It's referred to as the "Thursday" creature, so unless I'm totally missing something, I'm going to assume it's the creature who attacks on Thursday.

Visit the Famitsu.com story for more screens and our content archive for textual details.

The site also has some commentary from key staff members:

Suzuhito Yasuda
Main character designer. Says that he left the designs for sub characters to Atlus staff. The reason for this is because he's had to do more drawings this time, apparently because there are more main characters than in the original.
Mohiro Kitou
Invader designs. He actually says he's doing the "boss character" designs, so those invading Septentrion creatures are apparently the bosses. He was apparently asked to keep a to sense of life from his creature designs. Because of this and because the hardware was the DS, he decided to make the creatures with simple and easy to understand forms.
Kenji Ito
Background music. He's working with Atlus' sound team. He said the resulting sound is dark and hard, and also said to expect more symphonic elements compared to the original.
Shinjiro Takada
Director. He said that Devil Survivor 2 will recreate many city areas, as its setting will span major cities throughout Japan, rather than just Tokyo. He promised major advances in the gameplay area, and also a game that can be played repeatedly.

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