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One More Persona 2 Innocent Sin Quest Example

Plus, a few additional details on the game's quest creation component.

The feature list keeps on expanding for the PSP version of Persona 2 Innocent Sin.

We've been anxiously awaiting another example of a quest for Persona 2 Innocent Sin's new Climax Theater mode. Famitsu provides just what we're looking for this week with a look at the new "Persona Thief" quest.

This quest is set in Shin Megamitensei if's Karukozaka High School. In a dream, you receive a request to explore the mysteries behind the "Heart's Rest" (that's rest like in the music notation sense). You head off to Karukozaka High School after coming upon a notebook from one of the school's students, Tamaizu Nirasawa, head of the school's computing and digging clubs. During the quest, you'll meet Haruo Wayland, vocalist for the school's band "Inryoku Machine."

The quests you encounter in Theater Mode will feature exclusive demons. Famitsu shows one such example, the angel-like Kushiel.

As previously detailed, some quests will be downloadable through PlayStation Network. Famitsu and Atlus will be collaborating for one of these quests. Details will be announced in a future issue of Famitsu. One screenshot of the quest shows the characters talking about reading Famitsu.

The big revelation in this week's issue, as detailed here earlier today, is the game's quest creation feature. After unlocking this feature, you'll be able to freely create your own quests.

We've stumbled upon a few additional details beyond what we wrote earlier.

  • Your quest creations can be set in Karukozaka High School or St. Hermelin High School.
  • The mode offers a number of background settings within the schools.
  • You can position up to 10 NCPs on each map, setting their precise position and an action that they initiate.
  • You can freely set the items that you receive during events and as rewards for winning battle
  • For events, you can set the location, characters and dialogue. Dialogue can be freely created. You can also use generic characters or characters from the main game.

As mentioned earlier, the magazine does not say if the game will allow you to exchange these quests with other players. Of course, this would make some sense given how powerful the edit tools appear to be.

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