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Sample the Sounds of Eschatos

Qute introduces the bonus soundtrack and details some of the game's secret content.


If you love videogamey music, you'll love the soundtrack for upcoming Xbox 360 shoot-em-up Eschatos. Have a listen for yourself below, courtesy of publisher Qute.

That music sampler is from "Eschatos & Silversword Sound Chronicle," a bonus soundtrack CD that comes with Eschatos. The "Silversword" part of the name comes from "Judgement Silversword," one of two bonus retro shooters Qute is including with the game. You'll find additional details here.

Joining the soundtrack sampler, Qute updated the game's official site today. You'll find an interview with Yosuke Yasui, the game's composer, along with details on some of the game's unlockable bonus features. These include achievements, secret characters, a stage select, a high difficulty mode and wallpapers.

Eschatos was originally due for release back on the 24th, but suffered a last minute delay. The game is currently date TBA.

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