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Grasshopper Manufacture's Frog Minutes Now Available


There's no need to wait for tonight's Grasstream 2 Travis vs Garcia to find out what Grasshopper Manufacture's new iPhone game Frog Minutes is all about. The app is available for purchase now!

You can make the download via Apple's Appstore for ¥115. As previously announced, all sales will go to the Red Cross to aid in earthquake relief efforts.

This touch action game is set in a swamp environment. Your job is to gather insects, which you then feed to frogs. All of this is done by simply touching the screen where you observe movement. If you manage to fill up a frog up within a certain time limit, you can capture it.

[end_p text="Continue reading for screens along with details on Lightning and Aya Brea voice actress' Maya Sakamoto connection with the game." /]

There's no "game over" in Frog Minutes. There are some collection aspects, though. Frogs and insects are added to a guide book which can be viewed later. As you collect creatures, you'll build up a "frog puzzle" piece by piece.

The game has Maya Sakamoto (voice of Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning and The 3rd Birthday's Aya Brea) serving in a narration role. As you play, you'll hear Sakamoto speak in the background.

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