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Gachitora Demo Hits Tomorrow

Plus, what is the meaning of the name for this latest game from the folks behind Kenka Bancho?

Play as Torao Kaji, a gangster turned teacher in this new game from the people behind Kenka Bancho.

A Gachitora demo was announced for release in April. We'll be getting it a bit earlier than that. The game's newly opened official blog reveals that the demo will be available tomorrow, March 31.

You'll initially be able to download the demo from the official site. A PlayStation Network version will follow on April 13. The final version of the game is due for release on April 21.

Even if you're already set on buying the game, you may want to make the download. The demo will feature an exclusive story, exclusive characters and exclusive battles. If you have save data from the demo, you'll receive a bonus of some form in the final version.

The first blog post also has a Q&A that answers a few questions you might have had for the game. Most notably, what in the world does the name mean? Gachitora is actually short for "Gachi na Tora." Gachi is like true or serious. Tora is tiger, but it's also the nickname of the game's main character, Torao Kaji.

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