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Dissidia Final Fantasy AR and Model Viewer Released for iPhone


Following a version of its Larger Than Life series of iPhone image viewing apps for Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy a couple of weeks back, Square Enix is back with another "viewing" app for the game. This one is a bit more than just a collection of high res artwork, though.

The company made available today "Dissida 012 Final Fantasy AR." This app consists of a model viewer and AR viewer featuring characters from Dissidia.

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Using the AR viewer, you can turn your camera's phone on a special Dissidia AR marker card, to make 3D versions of Cloud and Lightning appear in the palm of your hands.

Separate from the AR viewer, the model viewer lets you view 3D models, selecting poses and sizes for the characters and compositing with other images.

Dissida 012 Final Fantasy AR is available today on the Appstore at ¥600. To use the AR viewer, you'll need to print out an AR card, which you can obtain at the game's official site. You can also get the AR card image here:

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