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The next game in the Ys series is Ys Nexus, an MMORPG that will be offered on the popular GREE mobile social gaming platform. Have a look at some artwork courtesy of Falcom's Twitter.

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In Ys Nexus, players take control of a resident of the Ys world. You'll work through missions that put you against series' enemies. Characters from past Ys titles will appear as NPCs.

Also from the Falcom Twitter comes this image of the latest version of Rodoku Shojo, an iPhone app where anime chicks read books to you. Sora no Kiseki's Estel will be appearing in the app on the 31st.

If you haven't head of Rodoku Shojo, you may be in the minority. The app has apparently been downloaded 500,000 times.

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

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