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Grand Knights History Promises Support for Infinite Players


Most multiplayer PSP gamers promise support for between one and four players. Grand Knights History promises support for between one and infinity players.

What's that supposed to mean exactly? You're going to have to guess, as publisher Marvelous Entertainment and developer Vanillaware don't appear to be talking yet.

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Vanillaware wowed gamers with the lovely Oboro Muramasa on Wii (pictured above).

Grand Knights History saw its debut in this week's Famitsu, and Sokuho @ Hokanko has provided its usual detailed report.

The magazine lists "infinity" as the player count and also promises network support. It seems like this will be the "online" type of network support (as opposed to ad-hoc play, which is also sometimes referred to as "network" compatibility). In comments shared with the magazine, director Tomohiko Deguchi described the game as a war RPG where players connect together. The game will offer a new type of play that fuses offline and online. You won't play on your own or with your friends, but will be connected with other players when you battle.

This still doesn't tell us much, but it does look like Vanillaware is being ambitious with this latest title. Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto told Famitsu that development on the game began after Oboro Muramasa (Wii) and has continued for two years. The game pushes the PSP's visuals and networking to the limit, he said. When he spoke to Sony about the project, they said it would be difficult to realize.

Grand Knight History is such a big title that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano decided to share commentary with the magazine. He said that players should look forward to hearing about the game's new network play style.

Joining the mysteries surrounding the network play, details on the game's battle system are scarce. This is the first turn-based RPG battle system for Vanillaware, Deguchi noted. The battles are set in a side perspective, with allies on the right and enemies on the left. Above the characters are gauges for HP and AP. Although turn-based, the game's characters will move around like in an action game.

Many of the mysteries surrounding Grand Knights History should be cleared soon. The game is already 70% complete and is due for summer release.

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