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Nippon Ichi Raises Earnings Expectations Off Strong Disgaea 4 Sales

Publisher also opens two new subsidiaries and cancels one title.

Nippon Ichi was helped this year by its most well known series.

Citing strong performance by PlayStation 3's Disgaea 4, Nippon Ichi raised its fiscal 2010 earnings forecasts today. It also outlined a plan for its midterm business strategy.

The publisher now expects sales of 2.144 billion yen, up from a previously forecast of 1.917 billion. Its expectations for operating income more than doubled, from 124 million yen to 261 million.

Strong performance by Disgaea 4 was the reason for the increased sales forecast, the company said in a statement. Following its February 24 release, the game has seen repeat orders.

Regarding its strategy for midterm growth, the Nippon Ichi announced that its new philosophy is "Entertainment For All." Under this philosophy, the company will be delivering content in a variety of media and genres for the core players who serve as its base audience. By doing this, it hopes to achieve continued stable results in earnings both domestically and overseas.

One of the central pillars in the midterm strategy is network business. For consumer game machines, the company said that it will continue to offer paid and free download content for Disgaea 4. For other games as well, it will actively pursue download service opportunities to match player needs both inside and outside Japan.

Overseas, the company plans on actively pursuing releases for its domestically made titles through NIS America. Due to strong demand, it will be releasing Disgaea 4 overseas with translations in English, French, Chinese and Korean.

The Nippon Ichi family will be joined by two new subsidiaries, named Counterstop and Nora. Like Studio ToOefuf, which was formed in February 2010 with Disgaea series character designer Takehito Harada as CEO, these new studios are being built around game creators with the hope being to continually produce unique consumer game content.

With System Prism, Studio ToOefuf, Counterstop, Nora, Nippon Ichi hopes to create a production line capable of delivering at least four titles every year.

Today wasn't all good news for Nippon Ichi fans, though. The publisher also revealed that it has stopped production on one game resulting in a development loss of 14 million yen. Development was cancelled following some difficulties surrounding a particular contractor.

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