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Keiji Inafune Starts Two Companies

Former Capcom development head introduces us to Comcept and Intercept.


Former Capcom head of development Keiji Inafune made public his new development ambitions today as he opened official sites for two companies.

That's right, two full companies. After departing Capcom, Inafune decided to form two companies, "Comcept," which we head about before, and "Intercept".

Access the Comcept homepage here and the Intercept homepage here.

Intercept is strictly a game production company. Inafune refers to it as "my new challenge for consumer game development." He mentions three key words relating to the company:

  • Originality -- Cannot be copied by others
  • Gravity -- Has the power to pull people in
  • Beyond the Age -- Things that cross eras

According to the Intercept info page< the company is based out of Tokyo's Shinagawa area and has capital of 10 million yen. The company's areas of business include consumer game development and planning.

Comcept looks like it's meant to be a broader company. It will deal with the creation of entertainment of varied form that does not reside in frameworks like games, video or books.

The Comcept info page lists a main office in central Tokyo and a branch office in Osaka, and capital of 10 million yen. Areas of business include pretty much everything:

  • Consumer game planning, development and sales
  • Online game planning, sales, management and distribution
  • Mobile content planning, development, management and distribution
  • Other entertainment content planning, development, management and distribution
  • Character goods planning, development production, sales and rights management
  • Books, music and video planning, production, sales and rights management
  • Event planning and consulting

Inafune is scheduled to hold a "user press conference" on April 4 where he will outline his future plans. It's likely that we'll hear more about Comcept and Intercept then. For details on how you can watch, view this page.

4Gamer is also scheduled to post an Inafune interview at midnight, so we may get additional details shortly.

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