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3DS CubicNinja Hits Next Week

Get a close look at AQ Interactive's fist 3DS title.


AQ Interactive provided the latest screens and details today for its first 3DS title, CubicNinja.

In this action puzzle game, you guide a box-shaped ninja named CC to the stage goal, controlling the action via gyro controls -- that is, you tilt the system around. You'll find over 100 stages, split into "wind," "fire" and "water" themes.

As you work through the stages, you'll come across additional powers. By collecting scrolls, you can earn special ninja actions. CC will also encounter buddies who are made of other materials like rubber and ice. The game feel will change depending on which of these characters you choose to control.

Joining the pre-made stages, CubicNinja offers a stage editor for making your very own stages. You can exchange your stage creations with other players via SpotPass or QR Code.

Look for CubicNinja on April 7 at ¥3,990.

The edit mode.

You'll find a bunch of CubicNinja clips at AQ Interactive's Youtube page. I've included a few here.

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