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This is a Keiji Inafune Business Card

Comcept and Intercept weren't an April Fools' Joke. Inafune shares a few details with 4Gamer.


Did you think this story about Keiji Inafune's two new companies Comcept and Intercept was an April Fools' Joke? Well it wasn't! Here's proof:

4Gamer gave a look at Inafune's new business card in a lengthy interview with the former Capcom development head that went live at midnight. The card lists Inafune's title as "concepter."

The 4Gamer interview, which was conducted on February 9 and was originally meant to go live on March 12, addressed a number of areas regarding Inafune's future and his new companies.

Here's just one of the major points addressed in the interview: Inafune didn't make a spelling error with "Comcept." The name is meant to combine "Computer" and "Concept," the former being used to mean "digital."

It doesn't look like Inafune shared too many specifics about his endeavors with 4Gamer. He didn't even mention Intercept. He did say that his new company has 20 staff members, and used some sort of army analogy to illustrate how not all of these may necessarily be directly related to the actual production of games (some are like support staff).

We'll hopefully get more details when Inafune meets fans and press on the 4th in Nihonbashi (Further details here). Until then, if you'd like to read three pages of Inafune's philosophical ramblings, view the 4Gamer interview.

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