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Pandora's Tower: Nintendo's New Action RPG

Use your chain to rid the heroine of a curse in this original title from One Piece developer Ganbarion.

It looks like tat girl's name is Ceres. (Image from the Pandora's Tower teaser site, which opened back in January.)

You saw the video earlier today, now get some first details on Pandora's Tower courtesy of this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu, and the usual early magazine leaks.

First, for those who didn't see the video of this new Wii title from Nintendo, view it here.

Famitsu reveals the game's main character to be named "Ende," and the heroine "Ceres." Voice actor information is not provided.

As suggested by the trailer, the game is heavy on action. Its genre is action RPG. Your primary "weapon" is a chain, which you use to capture enemies and swing to grab items and trigger various gimmicks. The game makes use of a simple control scheme.

The story centers on a curse that's been placed on Ceres. The only way to clear that curse is with the flesh of beasts. Ende must gather beast flesh and take it back to Ceres.

Developed by Ganbarion (Jump Super Stars, One Piece Unlimited Cruise), Pandora's Tower is due for release on May 26, priced at ¥6,800. We'll likely get an official online look at the game later this week.

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