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We detailed some of the world elements from Vanillaware's new PSP title Grand Knights History back at the game's announcement last week. Today, Marvelous Entertainment opened a new section at the game's official site focused exclusively on the world, allowing for a closer look.

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This is the content of Ristia, which is split into three kingdoms: Union, Logres and Avalon.

This is Union, whose king is Leon Fried, said to be the strongest warrior in Ristia. Also shown at the page is Sophia Chiollet Logres, the empress of Logres. She was saved by Leon following an uprising in her land.

This is Avalon, whose queen is Muse Cromwell. Avalon is located deep in the woods.

This is Logres, whose king is Fausel Wald Logres. Logres is surrounded by mountains.

You'll find even more details in our Grand Knights History article archive.

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