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This is Yakuza Director Toshihiro Nagoshi's Cat

Japan's most tanned director shows us his soft side.

Toshihiro Nagoshi isn't as tough as the tan and leather jacket make him look.

Okay, which one of you e-mailed Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi and asked that he share pictures of his cat? He responded today:

Nagoshi shared the image because there were apparently lots of requests... from people like you!

Alas, I looked through Nagoshi's blog post but didn't see the little guy's name, so you won't know what to call out when you have that dream about being the guy who gets to take care of all the video game creators' pets when they're at work during the day.

Nagoshi says that his kitty got super freaked out during the big March 11 earthquake. But now he's apparently gotten used to all the shaking.

Now the big question is... who has the cuter cat, Nagoshi or Masahiro Sakurai?

Masahiro Sakurai's kitty is cute... almost as cute as Sakurai himself!
Bet the kid would've been happier if Nagoshi had brought his kitty to the Yakuza Of the End signing event back in February.

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