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Dragon's Dogma Revealed

Capcom unveils original PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 open world action title from the director of Devil May Cry 2 and 4.


Capcom took the veil today off Dragon's Dogma, the new game it had been teasing at its "DD" teaser site since last week.

Dragon's Dogma is an all new PS3 and Xbox 360 "Open World Action" game that's being produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi and directed by Hideaki Itsuno (director of Devil May Cry 2, 3 and 4). The game has a fantasy theme surrounding sword, magic and dragons. Players team up with three NPC characters, called Pawns, to seek out a dragon who attacked their small fishing village and stole their heart (explaining the heart beat at the teaser site).

Speaking with the press at Capcom's Captivate event in Miami last week, Itsuno revealed that Dogma is a game he'd been dreaming about making since his school days. He was able to realize it now due to advancing technology, and has been directing a staff of around 150 people at Capcom Japan for the past two years development time (three years including conceptual phases).

You'll be able to select between three types of characters, the attack-focused fighter, the magic-focused mage, and the speedy strider, setting gender and appearance to your liking. As you run about the world, your three party members are controlled by AI, but you can issue orders like Go, Help and Come to them. They seem to be smarter than the average AI controlled character, as they'll talk quite a bit, will seek out your help, and will even give you information about enemies.

One particular action of note is "grab," where you can grab on to or cling to enemies. You can use this this for more advanced attack means. For example, you can grab on to a giant griffon's legs and attack it directly, or you can climb up to reach its head. At Captivate, Itsuno contrasted the more advanced attack techniques to other multiplayer games where players can only gather at the feet of giant enemies to attack.

In addition to the large open world, Dragon's Dogma will have a large main city environment with over 200 NPCs who will move about according to their own time schedules. You'll be able to speak with the residents in full voice.

Players can look forward to between 30 and 100 hours of play time from Dragon's Dogma, the former figure for normal play with the latter figure for those who dig in to the game.

Access the official site here. The site is currently in a teaser state. It lists the game as single player but with "multiplayer network" listed in parentheses.

You'll also find Capcom's official English feature list at Capcom Unity.

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