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Wear These El Shaddai Jeans to the El Shaddai Cafe

Ignition and Edwin releasing collaborative jeans based off upcoming multiplatform phenomenon.


Planning on visiting the El Shaddai Cafe in Nakameguro? Then you'll want to make sure you're wearing your El Shaddai jeans!

You might recall hearing about a collaboration between Ignition and apparel maker Edwin for the Edwin 503 Zero series of jeans which are based off the jeans worn by Enoch in El Shaddai. Released in December of last year, the jeans quickly sold out. But they're back! Edwin and Ignition have announced plans for a reissue.

The 503 Zero series will be available in two forms: The Enoch Model Double Knee Shoe Cut and the Lucifer Model Painter Skinny. Both cost ¥13,650. Don't be too shocked at the price. Jeans tend to be expensive in Japan (even jeans at the Gap will cost 50 bucks).

Lucifer Model Painter Skinny

Enoch Model Double Knee Shoe Cut

You'll find the El Shaddai jeans at Edwin shops throughout Japan. But you may want to head out to Akihabara for this purchase. From April 22 to May 15, Edwin will open a special Edwin x El Shaddai Shop on the first and second floors of Atre Akihabara.

The shop will sell the special jeans along with additional rare goods, including a ¥2,500 t-shirt designed by character designer Takeyasu Sawaki. ¥1,000 of each t-shirt purchase will go to the Red Cross to aid in earthquake recovery efforts.

The shop will also sell Lucifer umbrellas.

Ignition has kicked the El Shaddai promotions into high gear as the game's April 28 release approaches. In addition to the jeans, there's the El Shaddai Cafe which opened today. Ignition invited the press out to the cafe for the game's completion ceremony yesterday. Visit 4Gamer for a look at the happenings.

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