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Capcom Forms New Beeline Brand

New brand focused on social gaming.


Capcom is making a big push into the social gaming market. One day after announcing plans for a social version of Resident Evil, the company announced today that its board has agreed to establish a social gaming focused subsidiary called "Beeline Interactive Japan, Co."

Beeline will develop and distribute social games to smartphone users in Japan and other Asian countries. Capcom did not share specific titles.

Capcom's overseas divisions have been working on "freemum" social games for some time. The three games released under this category so far, Smurfs' Village, Zombie Cafe and Lil' Pirates, have cumulative downloads of more than 15 million, Capcom said.

Beeline will serve as a second brand for Capcom. In addition to the new Beeline Interactive Japanese subsidiary, the company will rename its social focused international divisions, Capcom Interactive, Inc. (USA) and Capcom Interactive Canada, Inc. (Canada) to, respectively, Beeline Interactive, Inc. (U.S.A.) and Beeline Interactive Canada, Inc. (Canada).

Capcom's development map, post Beeline.

The company says that it will form bases in North America, Europe and Japan for developing smartphone social games. This development network will be centered in North America.

Beeline Interactive Japan will call Capcom's own Osaka its home and will have Manabu Seko as president. It has capital of ¥300 million yen.

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