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"Olympic Level" Download Count for El Shaddai

Character designer Sawaki Takeyasu signs jeans to celebrate.


Did you download that El Shaddai demo last week? You weren't alone. The demo apparently broke records in download counts.

Writing at his blog today, character designer Sawaki Takeyasu said of the demo, "It's reached a never before seen download count. It's really Olympic medal level."

Takeyasu warned that due to the Tohoku disaster and the upcoming Golden Week holiday period, reprints could take time, so he suggested that anyone who wants to play over Golden Week pre-order.

Now nine days before release, and Ignition is in the middle of promotions, with a number of tie-ups and demo events. Takeyasu is doing his part. Here is is signing some of those special El Shaddai jeans that were reissued today.

Takeyasu is signing 50 of each type of jean, and giving each one a unique serial number. Takeyasu also signed some artwork for magazines:

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