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5pb. Being Sucked Up By Parent Company

Publisher of many fine visual novels to be dissolved on paper.


Video game publisher and record label 5pb. is being merged into parent company AG-One. AG-One, istelf a subsidiary of Dwango, announced the maneuver today. It's expected to go into effect on June 1, pending shareholder approval on May 13.

Following the merger, AG-One will be the surviving entity. 5pb. will be dissolved. As with many of these business maneuvers, however, this may not necessarily mean an end to the "5pb. Games" brand. AG-One has yet to comment on its plans for branding.

5pb., whose name stands for "The Five Powered & Basics," was formed in 2005 by current CEO Chiyomaru Shikura. It publishes music and games. On the game front, it's known for its visual novel adventure games, released primarily on Xbox 360, PSP and iOS.

Chaos; Head Noah, Bullet Soul and Phantom Breaker, three 5pb. titles.

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