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Pandora's Tower Gameplay Details

Nintendo's shares some preliminary details on how you'll play this new Wii action RPG.


We finally have a few details on the gameplay side of Pandora's Tower. Nintendo updated the game's official site today with a full section detailing how you'll play this original Wii action RPG from Ganvarion.

As previously detailed, main character Ende's friend Ceres has been cursed and is gradually turning into beast form. If her transformation completes, the game ends.

To fight the curse, you must obtain the flesh of beasts that you encounter in the various towers that serve as the game's stages. By eating the flesh, Ceres can dampen the effects of the curse.

As you play, you can see the current state of the curse through a circular gauge in the lower left corner of the screen. When this empties completely, the game ends.

The curse gauge is shown in the lower left.

The real prize is the flesh of the tower masters who lay deep within each tower. However, the effects of the curse can also be temporarily reversed with the flesh of the smaller servant creatures that roam the towers. If you observe the curse gauge approaching zero, you'll want to take temporary leave of the tower to go feed your friend.

Getting to the tower masters won't be a simple task. The door that seals the master away in the depths of the tower is sealed. You'll need to clear various gimmicks in the tower to make the door open.

Also at the official site, you'll find summaries of the three principal characters, Ende, Ceres and Graiai. We've detailed the three in past stories, but the official site has voice samples.

Nintendo also posted yesterday's trailer at the official site in higher quality, so be sure and check it out.

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