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Let's See What Western Game Japanese Developer Fumito Ueda is Playing


Continuing our award winning series (note: no awards were actually won) "Let's See What Western Game Japanese Developer XXX Is Playing," we turn to Fumito Ueda's Twitter for a round of "Let's See What Western Game Japanese Developer Fumito Ueda is playing."

[end_p text="Find out what Fumito Ueda is playing." /]

Fumito Ueda is the leader of Team ICO, which just this past week saw all its upcoming games postponed. This prompted me to add emoticon support to my publishing system:

Sony didn't give a reason for the delay, but maybe Valve is to blame?

Wrote Ueda today at his Twitter, "I couldn't wait, so I cancelled my Amazon pre-order for the overseas package verison and purchased the PC version through Steam. What an amazing video game experience... 'Portal 2.'"

When we last heard about Ueda's western gaming exploits, he was exchanging a back-and-forth with Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai about Crysis 2.

Yes, I think it is totally reasonable to blame The Last Guardian's delay on Portal 2.

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