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Imageepoch CEO Defends Final Promise Story File Size


The Final Promise Story official site was recently updated with a page detailing the procedure for obtaining the game's charity download version. As previously reported, Imageepoch, the game's publisher and developer, will donate ¥500 for every copy sold of the download version to aid in relief efforts following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

There's one surprising bit at the page. To make the download, you'll need just 250 megabytes space on your Memory Stick. For a large scale RPG, that seems to be on the low end.

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Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage defended the small size at Twitter today, saying "A Game's MB count does not equal scale. If you compress polygon and texture data, you won't get a large size, and what's really important is how much data you can show in an instant. Of course, it's a different case if you put in a large amount of 3DCG rendered movies."

So does a small file size mean that the game doesn't have voices? This is not the case. The game is not fully voiced, Mikage admitted, but it does use voices for event scenes and battles.

He pointed out that in general the problem with voice isn't storage space but RAM. There's always a balance between ROM space, RAM and CPU. For Final Promise Story, for instance, Imageepoch has put a lot of emphasis on enemy graphics, so due to RAM limitations it would be difficult to do full voice.

Mikage was actually surprised that he was suddenly being questioned by his followers about space. Perhaps he wasn't aware of the FPS official site update?

Just 250 megabytes of space required, according to the FPS official site.

Full voice or not, Final Promise Story appears to be doing quite well ahead of next week's release. As Mikage noted in his Twitter, the game is sold out at Amazon.

Mikage has been making the rounds promoting the game of late, most recently at a demo event at Games Maya, a popular east Tokyo attraction for demo events.

From the Games Maya demo event (photo from Mikage's Twitter).

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