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Chrono Trigger Split in Two For Cell Phones

Classic RPG also coming to Wii tomorrow and PSN this Spring.


Chrono Trigger is available starting today on iMode cell phones. Cost to you: about ¥1,260.

For the mobile version of the Super Famicom/SNES classic, Square Enix has split the game into two parts, each priced "600 points." This is the equivalent of ¥630.

Buyers will find the same story and battle system as the DS version, but updated visuals and interface. For a first look, visit Impress Watch.

Chrono Trigger is also due for release on Wii's Virtual Console tomorrow (4/26) at 900 WiiPoints. Square Enix also confirmed today that the PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger will be available on PSN/Game Archives this Spring.

Chrono Cross was also previously announced for PSN release, but Square Enix has yet to share a final release date.

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