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First Look: Atelier Meruru's Bonus Paper Weight

Gust continues a tradition with the new PS3 Atelier game.


The new Atelier game will be continuing a long running series tradition. And I don't just mean the adorable main characters.

Gust is including a "paper weight" as a bonus item in Atelier Meruru's premium box. The item is called a paper weight because... well, that's just what it is. Although I'm not sure you're supposed to actually use it to keep your papers from blowing out the window.

Here's a prototype standing next to the similar paper weight items from Atelier Rorona (left) and Atelier Totori (center):

The game's official blog was updated today with a look at the item's progress from drawing to prototype.

The final version is apparently 120% thicker than originally planned.

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