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Gungnir Getting Download Release

Latest from the official Q&A for Sting's new strategy title.


Atlus has announced plans for a downloadable version of Gungnir, the new PSP strategy game from Sting, the makers of Yggdra Union. The download version will arrive simultaneous with the retail version on May 19 and will be priced ¥4,980.

Those who opt for the package UMD version will find a data install option, which should make the play experience as smooth.

Announcement of the download version came at the game's official blog, which posted one of its regular Q&A sessions about the game.

The blog also mentions that the game will not have a data import feature from past Sting titles (Yggdra Union, Riviera, etc). This is to be expected, as Gungnir is a new game. The blog also hints that the game will have a multi ending system depending on the choices players make during their play session.

If you can't wait until May 19 for some Sting-style strategy, you'll find a playable demo of Gungnir on PSN right now. The demo can also be downloaded from the official site.

That's the official packaging!

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