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Following up on its recent look at the the basic action component of Dragon's Dogma, Capcom has provided details and screens for the game's background story, complete with our first named characters.

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The story of Dragon's Dogma begins when your player character meets a dragon. Your character resides in a modest fishing village named Cassadis.

A dragon attacks the village and tells you "You are the chosen one." The dragon steals your heart, which apparently kills you. But you come back to life as a "kakusha," which I think can be translated to "enlightened one." Your fate is to defeat the dragon who stole your heart.

While the player character is nameless, Dragon's Dogma does have named characters. Capcom provided introductions to four:

Your childhood friend. She's gentle but strong willed, and is always concerned with your safety.
King Edmon
A hero who once defeated a dragon and brought peace to the peninsula. He resides in Gran Soren castle. With the revival of the dragons, he's been building up his armies.
The king's third wife. She's kind, but does not appear to be big on the strict castle life.

You'll be visiting Gran Soren castle, where you'll take on a mission from the King. In the castle screenshots below, you can see some of the game's companion "pawn" characters sitting next to the king.

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