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Learn English From Square Enix and These Foreign Beauties

Latest iPhone app from RPG maker isn't an RPG.


Meet Alison Lloyd, Charlotte Ryan, Elizabeth "Lisa" Ferguson, and Karen Morikawa Turner. The heroines of the latest 5pb. visual novel? Nope! These four beauties are your English teachers in Square Enix's new English training app for iPhone.

In Lean Practical English Through Real Conversation: Summer Story, you find yourself charged with taking care of Alison, Charlotte and Ryan, who hail from, respectively, England (London), Australia (Sydney) and America (Florida). They've come to Japan for studies, and your English teacher, Karen, puts them under your care.

As you interact with the girls, who don't speak a word of Japanese, you'll apparently learn natural English. The concept of the game is to learn English by hearing conversations.

Of course, if you're reading this site, you probably don't actually need to learn English. But if you do want Square Enix's latest iPhone app anyway, you'll find it at Apple's App Store today for ¥800.

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