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Famitsu Bits and Bytes

Hatsune Miku, Cave's vacation, Two Chaos Rings games, and more!


Lots of info is leaking out of Famitsu this week. Here's just a bit of what's spreading on the Japanese blogs to hold you over while we wait for someone credible to get the magazine and deliver a more complete report.

More Hatsune Miku on the PSP. But will Sega be nice and not force us to buy a third version of Dreamy Theater?

Regarding Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2.5 (Sega, PSP), the magazine apparently reveals a release time frame of Fall. However, it does not say if the game will be compatible with PS3's Dreamy Theater 2, which interfaces with the PSP to output Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2 in HD on the big screen.

Famitsu's table of contents listed Chaos Rings Omega for iPhone. This actually isn't Chaos Rings 2. Square Enix is also working on a Chaos Rings 2, Famitsu reveals.

A PSP version of Growlancer IV makes its debut this week. Growlancer IV Overload is said to have additional characters, stories and events.

Cave's going on vacation! In an interview this week, Cave development head Makoto Asada apparently says the development staff will be taking a half year to one year break. They'll be using contractors during that time. I believe Asada's statement may have come as part of a feature discussing the effect of the March 11 earthquake on the game industry.

Capcom's Jun Takeuchi is also interviewed in the magazine. He reveals the identity of the two games he was referring to back in January when he said Capcom would, by summer, announce two games that would surprise players. The two games were Dragon's Dogma and... Resident Evil Revival Selection? See this story for a summary of the original interview. I'll see if Takeuchi has a Twitter account so you can direct your hate mail there.

Were you surprised by this?

Famitsu also has lots of western game coverage this week, including Sniper Ghost Warrior, Dungeon Siege 3 and DiRT 3. That's the last you'll ever hear of them here!

You can keep up with all these magazine leaks in this week's Flying Get topic. The topic also links to Japanese sources like Sokuho @ Hokanko and Game Jouhou (see the Japanese page), so Japanese readers may want to access those for additional details.

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