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ICO Creator Fumito Ueda is a Sega Maniac

Legendary Sony designer has had blue blood since Mark III.


Ico and Shadow of the Colossus and eventually The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda is a Sega maniac.

He was apparently a Sega maniac even when he was making a game for the system that destroyed Sega's hardware business.

I know, I know... Sega destroyed Sega's hardware business.

Anyhow... this comes our way via Ueda's Twitter today. Ueda revealed that he's been a Sega nut since the Mark III. He even added a "64 Colors" at the end of the Tweet.

Ueda's post was in response to a massive 88 page feature on Sega in this week's Famitsu, whose cover is owned by the Sega family of characters.

The image is small, but can you name them all?

I believe this is Famitsu's third entry in a series of mega features covering specific companies. The first was Sony. The second was Konami. Who will follow Sega?

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