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The Weapons of Pandora's Tower

Use your chain and sub weapons to navigate the tower and collect that beast flesh!

Giants like this are no match for your chain and weapon combo!

I just love visiting the Pandora's Tower official site. The gentle piano music in the background makes me feel at peace with humanity. It also gets me in the mood for some beast flesh, which is the topic of today's update at the site.

Visit the site for a look at some of the weapons you'll use to defeat the enemies that roam the game's thirteen towers. As previously detailed, you need to defeat the tower's residents because your friend has been cursed to turn into a beast and the only way to stop the curse from progressing is for her to eat raw beast flesh (even though she's not a meat eater).

You have two primary attack methods: your chain and sub weapons.

Your chain can be used to grab things, allowing you to navigate the game's environments, and grab and strike enemies. To use it, you aim the Wiimote at the screen. A pointer turns red when you can grab something.

At the official site, you'll find movies showing some of the chain-related actions, including swinging, pulling levers, tossing things and striking enemies.

When you grab and tug on something, a yellow gauge builds up. As this builds, the chain's attack power increases. The chain can also be powered up by defeating the bosses that lay deep within each tower.

The other attack method, your sub weapons, are used through standard button presses. You can equip one weapon at a time. It's possible to use the chain and weapons together -- for example, using the chain to hold down an enemy, then moving in for an attack with your weapon.

You start the game off with just a sword, a weapon that balances speed and power. As you progress, you'll gain additional weapons, including a dual sword.

Similar to the chain, the weapons will get stronger with time, but not automatically. By defeating normal enemies and exploring the tower, you'll gain materials which can be given to Graiai, the merchant who first told you about the tower, to power up the weapons.

Visit the official site for some weapon videos.

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