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Neptune mk-II Includes Cute Figures

Compile Heart confirms the release date and shows some of the sweet bonuses.


Compile Heart confirmed Neptune mk-II's August 18 release date today. The date leaked out of magazines yesterday.

The PS3 sequel will be released in standard and limited edition forms costing respectively ¥7,329 and ¥9,429. The limited edition includes a soundtrack and figures for main character Nepgear and her older sister Neptune (star of the first game).

Both versions of the game will include a Visual Book as a pre-order bonus. Details on the content of the book will be announced shortly.

Compile Heart also revealed that the game's opening theme song will be sung by Nao, who also performed the theme song for the first Neptune. Nao will also appear in mk-II as the voice of the "5pb." character. Yes, that character is named after game publisher 5pb.

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