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Final Fantasy Type-0: Moogles and Missions at Famitsu.com

Get a first look at some of the most recent announcements for PSP's big summer release.


Famitsu.com has posted the expected accompanying article for the Final Fantasy Type-0 coverage that appeared this week's Weekly Famitsu. We've covered most of the details over the past couple of weeks (see our article and screenshot archive), but now you can see screens of it all.

Here are some details on what's in the Famitsu.com story.


Up at the top, the site shows screens of the game's mission flow. As you progress in the story, you'll receive orders from the Suzaku military commanders. To begin your mission, you'll want to speak to a Moogle in the school. You then head out to the battle field on a world map.

In the Famitsu screens, when you speak to the Moogle, he tells you (in Moogle speak) that a major mission has arrived. The text in the Famitsu mission briefing describes an operation by the Suzaku army against the invading Milites forces in the area surrounding the school. The army is unable to enter a strategic base, so they've called upon the students of Class Zero (that's you) for help.

In another screen, we see three students running about apparently receiving notices from Kurasame, their teacher.


While the site doesn't offer too many specifics on battle, it does show one thing we've all been waiting to see: summons.

In Type-0, summons are referred to as Gunshin, which I think can be translated to "Gods of War." They appear for a limited time, but are fully controlled by the player.

Famitsu shows Ifreet and Golem. Ifreet has various fire-based commands. Golem has moves like "Megaton Punch" and the defensive "Burst Mode" move which blocks out attacks for a limited time.

There's a big catch to using a summon, though. The summoning player sacrifices himself and can no longer be used for the remainder of the battle.


The site also has screens of the latest characters: Cid, Khalia Chival VI, Qator Bashtar and Izana. You'll find details here.

From left to right, Cid, Khalia Chival VI, and Qator Bashtar.
One of the Moogles and the Chocobo loving Izana.

Getting particular attention are Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya, the two playable characters who appear to have a special role in the game beyond the twelve other playable students from the Suzaku school. It was previously said that Rem and Machina are students in Class Zero, just like the other students. Famitsu reveals that they actually joined the class midway through rather than starting off with everyone. The site also notes that they alone are specified with full names (I'll also point out that unlike the other students, they're not named after playing cards).

Rem and Machina. Square Enix has yet to fully clarify what makes them so special.

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