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Here's What Sugiyama Said About Dragon Quest X

Fukuoka concert audience treated to fifteen songs from DQIII and a quick status update on DQX.

Screenshot from Dragon Quest VIII on PS2.

We reported earlier that Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama mentioned the long awaited Dragon Quest X during a Dragon Quest series concert in Fukuoka on Friday. This report was based off a Tweet from a show attendee.

Now an anime site called Animeanime has delivered a more complete report from the event. According to the site, Sugiyama made mention of Dragon Quest X during a mid concert talk session. Said Sugiyama, "I'm currently making Dragon Quest X's music with the aim of next year." He added that he's working hard as he'd like for it to be finished next year, although it's unclear if this is in reference to just the music part or the game as a whole.

It's common for Sugiyama to share some comment about the next Dragon Quest game during one of these concerts. He did just for Dragon Quest VIII and IX.

In this case, he's not alone. Early last month, series creator Yuji Horii confirmed with America's Nintendo Power magazine that DQX is still in development for Wii and that development is progressing well. He suggested that we could get an announcement of some form this year.

Regarding the concert where Sugiyama's comment took place, this was the latest installment in the long running "Family Classic Concert" series. Held in Fukuoka on the 29th, the focus was on Dragon Quest III. The Kyushu Symphony Orchestra played a total of 15 songs from DQIII. For an encore, they played a song from DQIX.

Fukuoka-based Level-5 sponsored the concert and had its name appear in promotional materials (including the poster shown on this page). Level-5 developed Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX, but it's not yet known if they're working on DQX.

Poster from the Fukuoka concert.

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