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Binary Domain Japanese Trailer Different From English Version

Plus, where's Toshihiro Nagoshi going to be during E3? The latest from the blog of Japan's darkest producer.

Be on the lookout for the Japanese Binary Domain trailer shortly.

Sega released an English language trailer for Binary Domain late last week (see here). A Japanese version of the trailer has yet to be released. Why?

Team Yakuza chief Toshihiro Nagoshi did not provide a clear reason in his latest blog post, but he did promise that the Japanese version would be released soon.

Even if you watched the English trailer, you may want to check out the Japanese version. According to Nagoshi, it has a variety of differences in such areas as editing and background music.

The development staff originally planned on making the same trailer, but they could not resolve differences in opinion with the overseas staff, so they ended up creating the region-specific versions.

Reaction to the English trailer from overseas sites has been positive, said Nagoshi, making him relieved.

Our next look at Binary Domain will come at E3. Nagoshi will be in attendance, but only for one day. He'll be checking the Binary Domain display and doing interviews before hopping back on a plane for Japan.

Why the rush? Yakuza of the End arrives on June 9, the last day of E3. Nagoshi plans on being in Japan for the launch.

Yakuza Of the End's box has been redesigned to show support for earthquake relief efforts. The game had been originally scheduled for release on March 17.

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