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Capcom Sees Record Sales

Five million sellers a new record for the Street Fighter publisher.

Monster Hunter Freedom 3 is widely expected to reach the five million mark eventually.

With over four million copies of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 and strong performance from games like Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Dead Rising 2, Capcom saw record sales and increased earnings in the previous fiscal year.

For the year ended March 31, 2011, sales reached 97,716 million yen, up 46.2% from the previous year. Operating income was up 155.8% to 14,295 million yen.

Of these totals, Capcom's "consumer online games" division, which includes video games, saw sales of 70,269 million yen, up 60.9% from the previous year, and operating income of 12,499 million yen, up 59.5% from the previous year.

In its earnings report today, Capcom cited strong performance from Monster Hunter Freedom 3, which has shipped over 4.6 million units since its release on December 1, 2010. The PSP title played the leading role in the company's business performance.

Worldwide, the company sold 2.2 million units of Dead Rising 2, 2 million units of Marvel vs Capcom 3, 1.6 million units of Super Street Fighter IV, and 1.5 million units of Lost Planet 2.

With Monster Hunter, Capcom had five games sell at least one million. This is a new internal record, the company said.

Other strong performers included Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes (PS3 and Wii), Monster Hunter Diary (PSP) and Monster Hunter Frontier Online (PC and Xbox 360).

Capcom's other divisions all saw increased earnings as well

Its Mobile Contents business, which includes mobile and social games, saw increases to 4,028 million yen sales and 1,366 million yen operating income. Street Fighter IV and Ghost Trick reached projected sales on iPhone. Facebook title Smurfs' Village exceeded projections "by far."

The company's Amusement Equipments business, which includes arcade and pachinko machines, saw sales of 7,903 million yen and operating income of 2,638 million yen. Last year, the division suffered an operating loss of 347 million yen. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Ediiton performed solidly.

The company's Arcade Operations facility business saw a 3.0% decrease in sales to 11,621 million yen, but an increase in income of 91.5% to 1,131 million yen. Ten arcades suffered "serious" damage and loss of property due to the Tohoku earthquake. Three have since reopened. One unprofitable arcade was closed during the year, leaving Capcom with 37 arcades total.

You can see Capcom's full earnings briefings here:

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