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Senran Kagura: How The Scroll Got There

Massive Breast Producer Kenichiro Takaki tells the story of the 3DS title's first ad image.


One of the more memorable images from Senran Kagura's announcement was this concept image, which was used both at the official site and in an ad that appeared in Famitsu:

That's Asuka, one of the six ninjas you control in the game, and there seems to be a scroll embedded in her 90 cm of cleavage.

Who's responsible for the position of that scroll? For the answer to that, we turn to the latest entry at the game's official blog.

Gargantuan Breast Producer Kenichiro Takaki, writing on his first day back from the Golden Week holiday on Friday, shared a sketch of the artwork:

While Takaki didn't do the final drawing of Asuka, he did do the above sketch. For each of the game's art images, he attempts to sketch something as close to the final image as possible, although he admits he's not a pro.

The final image came from the game's art staff, but it was based off a request made from Takaki. Similar to his approach with past games like Ikki Tousen and Hero 30, Takaki's art requests are accompanied by text about what the image should be like.

Alas, Takaki did not share the textual description he used to describe this memorable first Senran Kagura concept image.

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