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Final Fantasy Legends Shinobi Chapter Hits Today

Meet the one-armed ninja Jinnai, and earn the ninja job for your party.


The latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Final Fantasy Legends is "Shinobi no Unmei," or "Shinobi's Destiny."

This free scenario is part of the game's chapter of darkness. As with all the free scenarios, clearing the scenario will unlock the related job for use in the rest of the game. Here, the job in question is ninja.

The story of Shinobi's Destiny kicks off with the warriors of darkness searching for the Fuga, a race of ninjas. They arrive at an island nation, which appears to be at peace, but is actually hiding a secret. There, they meet Jinnai, who apparently lost his arm in a battle but is still the most skilled ninja amongst the Fuga people.

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