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Bonk, Devil Crush and More for iPhone PC Engine Game Box

Hudson's iPhone app now has 26 classics for play.


Hudson gave the PC Engine GameBox iPhone/iPod touch app an update today adding five new titles.

PC Engine Game Box (or possibly Turbo Grafx Game Box depending on where you are in the world) allows you to select from a library of PC Engine/Turbo Grafx games for play on your iPhone. Each game costs ¥350, but just downloading the main app gets you access to Power Sports for free.

The five new titles added to the service today are:

  • Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu PC Bangai-hen
  • Break In
  • Image Fight
  • PC Genjin 3 (Bonk's Big Adventure)
  • Devil Crush

With these five, the service now has 26 PC Engine classics.

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